NLO Crystals
Undoped YAG

Orientation:[111] within 5°

Density : 4.5g/cm3

Transmission Range:250-5000 nm

Melting Point :1970°C

Flatness :λ/8@633nm

Parallelism:≤ 30"

Perpendicularity : ≤ 5 ′

Scratch-Dig :10-5

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Undoped YAG Crystal is an excellent material for UV-IR optical windows, particularly for high temperature and high energy density application. The mechanical and chemical stability is comparable to sapphire crystal, but YAG is unique with non-birefringence and available with higher optical homogeneity and surface quality. Up to 3" YAG boule grown by CZ method, as-cut blocks, windows and mirrors are available.

Advantages of Undoped YAG:

● High thermal conductivity, 10 times better than glasses

● Extremely hard and durable

● Non-birefringence

● Stable mechanical and chemical properties

●  High bulk damage threshold

● High index of refraction, facilitating low aberration lens design


● Transmission in 0.25-5.0 mm, no absorption in 2-3 mm

● High thermal conductivity

● High index of refraction and Non-birefringence


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