NLO Crystals

Wavelength: 1064 nm

Chemical Formula: Y3Al5O12

Melting point: 1970°C

Orientation: [111] or [100],within 5°

Density: 4.5g/cm3

Parallelism: ≤ 10"

Perpendicularity: ≤ 3′

Flatness: ≤ λ/10 @632.8nm

Surface quality :  10-5

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Nd: YAG crystal rod is used in Laser marking machine and other laser equipment. 

It is the only solid substances that can work continuously at room temperature, and is the most excellent performance laser crystal.

It is widely used as a solid-state laser materials. YAG rod’s role is to generate a laser, with the partial and full reflect mirror on both ends ,YAG rod can produce a stable and continuous laser, it is the core part of YAG and fiber laser. 

Nd: YAG laser wavelength is 1064nm, it can be used in military, medical, industrial and other fields.

Advantage of Nd YAG Rod

● High gain                                 

● Low threshold 

● High efficiency                       

● High optical quality 

● Low loss                             

● Large mechanical strength 

● Good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics 

● Suitable for different modes of operation (cw, pulsed, Q-switched, mode locked, •  doubling of frequency) 

● Suitable for high-average power lasers


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