NLO Crystals

Crystal cross-section: (1×1)-(10×10) mm2 

Crystal thickness: 0.5-5mm  

Dimensional tolerance: ±0.1mm  

Wavefront distortion: ≤λ /8@633nm  

Finish: 10/5 (MIL-PRF-13830B) 

Flatness: ≤λ /6@633nm  

Parallelism: Better than 10 arcseconds

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Er:Yb:YAl3(BO3)4 crystal is a novel 1.55um band erbium ytterbium double-doped laser material. Compared with erbium ytterbium double-doped phosphate glass, it can achieve continuous and higher repetition rate pulsed laser operation with higher output power. The 1.55um band laser has the advantages of being safe to the human eye, located in the lowest loss window of the atmospheric transmission window and quartz fiber, strong penetration of smoke, and the detection sensitive area corresponding to the Ge and InGaAs detectors operating at room temperature, which can be applied to lidar, ranging, 3D imaging and target recognition.


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