NLO Crystals

Melting Point:851 °C

Density:5.700 g/cm3

Mohs Hardness:3-3.5

Parallelism:≤30 arc second

wavefront distortion:≤ λ/4 @ 633 nm

Flatness:≥ λ/8 @ 633 nm

Surface quality:≤ 10/5

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AGSe2 AgGaSe2(AgGa(1-x)InxSe2) crystals have band edges at 0.73 and 18 µm. Its useful transmission range (0.9–16 µm) and wide phase matching capability provide excellent potential for OPO applications when pumped by a variety of different lasers. Tuning within 2.5–12 µm has been obtained when pumping by Ho:YLF laser at 2.05 µm; as well as non-critical phase matching (NCPM) operation within 1.9–5.5 µm  when pumping at 1.4–1.55 µm. AgGaSe2 (AgGaSe) has been demonstrated to be an efficient frequency doubling crystal for infrared CO2 lasers radiation.


● Generation second harmonics on CO and CO2 - lasers

● Optical parametric oscilator

● Different frequency generator to middle infrared regions up to 17 mkm.

● Frequency mixing in the middle IR region


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